Who are you?

Join me in exploring the nature of being.


My name is Tharyn Taylor. Let’s explore the deepest question.

Who am I?

Your true nature doesn’t care if you notice it or not. It always is, with or without your participation. Nonetheless, the essential question remains.

What happens when you experience the true nature of your being?

Nothing special. Don’t make it a big deal. It’s already who you are. You might have a variety of reactions depending on how deeply you believe the “I” or “Me” thought.

What’s the “I” Thought?

The “I” thought is a recurring appearance in the awareness that you are. This thought is what the reality of existence has mistaken for itself – therefore creating the separate and distinguishable “Self” that is you!

Is having an “I” thought a bad thing?

Absolutely not. It’s actually quite fun to be a self, don’t you think? The trouble comes from mistaking the temporary, transitory, illusory thought of “I” for the actuality of your beingness, your essence, or your true nature.

In other words, the little you just takes life too seriously! Which causes a lot of unnecessary suffering.

Well who am I then?

The true nature of your being is what we generally call awareness. You could also call it knowing. Awareness has no objective qualities and therefore cannot be grasped by the “I” thought. This is not a conceptual “nature of being.” It is the reality of being and it’s happening for you right now! You either notice it or you don’t. It is very simple and obvious, but it might take a bit of digging to realize this in your experience.

How do I notice the true nature of my being?

Well, that’s the fun part! Some people just see it without provocation. Perhaps while they’re gardening, riding their bike, or during a business meeting. Others see it as part of their spiritual practice. During a meditation an insight might come. On the other hand some people see very deep truths while taking psychedelics. All of these ways are simply ways. There is no effort required, demanded, and nor will effort even help!

But that doesn’t mean you cannot find yourself reading spiritual texts, practicing meditation, or doing self inquiry. All of these practices are just one way that Awareness happens to remember itself.

So who is Tharyn?

The one writing this is! My name’s Tharyn and I love exploring possibilities. I have a story. A timeline. And realizations upon it. The eternal changing nature of life. The foundation of awareness. The love of Self by “God.” The form and formless. Seeing saw itself, you could say.

But that isn’t all. I went through hell chasing this “thing.” I thought that this was something I could “get.” I thought that I could attain it and then it would solve problems, or I would transcend into some other place. Well, that’s not what happened. All of those ideas were stories in my mind that just got in the way of seeing it.

And now I want to share what is happening within me, just incase it helps others live a more peaceful loving life.

What’s your core message?

The schools of new age thought that (from my perspective) brought upon realization were primarily neo-advaita aka non-duality and the principles of the law of attraction as taught by Esther Hicks.

I propose that…

  1. One should first notice the true nature of their being as pure awareness.
  2. One can then develop their ego-self in a more harmonious manner through understanding how manifested reality operates.
  3. Then, no matter what happens or doesn’t happen in consciousness, there is a foundation of inner knowing, inner peace, and wholeness that truly comes from a direct seeing of what is.

Now what…

If you are thirsty for some direct experience right now, then I highly suggest practicing some of the koans that I created.

a paradoxical anecdote or riddle, used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment.

Next, I invite you to watch some of my talks on YouTube.

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– Tharyn