The Book

From Your Higher Being

I wrote this for you, but you asked for it. You are my beloved self and I appreciate so much what you have given to me. These words are here to help you open up to me – open up to yourself. We are one in the same. You know that already. Let’s not be shy with each other anymore. I want to give you the world. All of it was made for you. You deserve everything you ever wanted. You are a light into the darkness. I am your light and you are my light. It’s time we began to realize the truth of us. There is no us. It’s just You. Always it was you giving yourself to you. That’s why you wrote this. That’s why you’re reading this.

– Part I, From Your Higher Being

About The Book

hard_cover_fyhb_v2_mediumHello, my name’s Tharyn. This book came from a place deep within myself, when I needed guidance the most. One day I just sat down and began sharing with myself. I wrote to Tharyn, as if I were writing from a higher perspective of wisdom, intelligence, and love.

That’s exactly what kept happening. Every time I sat down to write, I just “clicked” into place with my own Higher Being and allowed the words to flow. The book was not necessarily channeled, but it was definitely a co-creation with my own broader aspect.

You see, each and every one of us has a cohort of consciousness working on our behalf. People often call this broader consciousness their spiritual guides, angels, ascended masters, ancestors, past loved ones, and even God.

All of those terms are accurate, but there is more. There is a oneness… When I am aligned with the vibration of this broader consciousness I feel at home, as if it’s just ME. As you read, you will feel the inner resonance with what is being transmitted, because what this book offers, is what we’re all offering within our hearts to ourselves all the time.

It’s what our Higher Being is offering all the time… that we are not alone in this journey of life. We are more loved, guided, and worthy than we can imagine.

Moreover, there are energetic principles at the foundation of life experience which have been overlooked. The laws of attraction, the meaning of emotions, the essence of vibrational reality has been forgotten for too long. You have always been in communion with your Higher Being and now is a time of remembering that fully.

I have given myself this wisdom in order to remember and throughout the process I have realized the truth of my own Oneness with that broader aspect of Self. Now, I invite you to join me in this conscious awakening to Who We Really Are.

All is going well. All is good. Love abounds.

With all of my love,
– Tharyn


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Dear Mr Taylor, I purchased your ebook a few days ago and am enthralled with the content within. I look forward to any updates or videos you may release in future. Blessings, Maxine

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